Wheel Preparation and Painting


Junair's WheelCabin is perfect for wheel repairs, off car panels and bumpers. With its compact size, it is easy to fit into just about any building layout.

The key features of the WheelCabin:

  • Filtered air intake to keep out any workshop contamination
  • WheelCabin takes up minimal floor space
  • It has superb lighting for ease of use
  • With the WheelCabin, you can paint up to 4 wheels at a time
  • WheelCabin's glazed doors allow for superb visibility
  • Very economical to run
  • With excellent air movement, the WheelCabin ensures effective over spray removal
  • Meets Health and Safety and Environmental Legislation
  • Can be installed and operational within 48 hours


Junair's WheelBlast is the first blasting unit that is specifically designed for the preparation of wheels prior to the painting process.

A process that could take an hour by hand preparation can now be completed in just minutes with WheelBlast.

The Benefits of WheelBlast are:

  • It is a totally enclosed wheel blasting system
  • WheelBlast will prepare wheels ready for painting
  • It is completely safe and easy to use
  • Superb lighting comes as standard
  • WheelBlast has a dust capture ventilation system
  • Easy load door arrangement
  • The WheelBlast turntable provides the ideal working position

Wheel Smart

By using the extraction system from the Junair SmartAir unit, WheelSmart creates a mobile wheel painting facility in your body shop, which meets all the health and safety regulations and environmental legislation.

  • It requires no spray booth to paint wheels
  • Easy to use and works quickly
  • Caters for all car wheel sizes

Ventilated Parts Preparation Bench

The ventilated parts preparation bench is the ideal work space for the preparation of wheels and parts prior to the painting process. By capturing the dust particles at the source, the ventilation and filtration system reduces overspray contamination of the work environment.

  • Extraction process significantly reduces workshop contamination
  • Made of strong sturdy steel construction
  • High efficiency cartridge filters
  • Positioned at an ideal height for working comfortably
  • Ventilated parts preparation bench requires only a standard 13A plug socket
  • Optional rollers are available for easy product handling

Loading Bench

With easy glide rollers, the loading steel bench works effortlessly for the handling of wheels between process areas. All loading benches are manufactured to suit the layout of equipment.

Tyre Changer & Bead Breaker

The Tyre Changer and Bead Breaker is a low cost solution for wheel repairs. It's used when and where tyres are needed to be taken off the rim or completely removed from the wheel.


With Junair's unique and world patented wash method, plastic granules and cold water are blasted through a flush pipe onto the rotating wheel.

Without the use of detergent or hot water, tyres and rims can be efficiently cleaned. All it needs to run are compressed air and electricity.

Closed system

Operating as a self-contained system, the WheelWasher can be installed in almost any location in the workshop.

The WheelWasher does not require a ready water supply or even a drainage system. There is absolutely no need to remove the tyres during this process.

Advanced electronics

It is also pre-programmed with different wash cycles.

Facts about WheelWasher

  • It works with a closed water system
  • Dynamic flush pipe
  • 4 wash programs available
  • Self-adjusting wheel support
  • Extra blow dry of the wheel
  • Is programmed for different sized wheels


Junair's WheelRack gives you the ideal work bench for the preparation of alloy wheels in your workshop. The WheelRack is a mobile bench that can be easily moved around the workshop.

  • Can take two wheels at a time, saving you time
  • The ideal height and angle for working. Suits comfortable working conditions
  • WheelRack is lightweight and mobile
  • Wheels mounted on the WheelRack rotate easily on removable rollers
  • Can be adjusted for any car wheel size
  • WheelRack is a robust, compact design


Our WheelBake is the perfect "purpose built" convection oven for curing top coats on painted wheels.

  • Able to cure two wheels at a time
  • Curing process takes 15 to 30 minutes depending on paint material used
  • Operates very cleanly
  • WheelBake has been designed for use with low VOC compliant coatings
  • Can be used for wheels with or without the tyre fitted
  • Has an easy load roller system
  • Automatic temperature control and automatic time control
  • No gas is required for operation - electric heating

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