Junair Spraybooths partners with Aston Martin

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Junair Spraybooths is proud to announce the completion of a project for luxury vehicle maker Aston Martin. Two Junair spray booths and four Junair preparation areas have been installed at Aston Martin’s premiere new restoration and service centre in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. The partnership is a natural union with both companies dedicated to providing the best services and equipment available on the market today. Junair is incredibly proud of this achievement, and considers it an honour to be working with one of the worlds most prestigious luxury vehicle manufacturers.

A match that was meant to be: A brief history of Aston Martin and Junair Spraybooths.


Aston Martin:

When we hear the name Aston Martin we think luxury and elegance.. Aston Martin has been a key player in the car industry since 1913, and as the vehicle of choice for the James Bond franchise their name has become synonymous with quality motoring. All Aston Martins are manufactured in the UK by some of the best engineers in the world using only the finest equipment and technology.

Aston Martin’s ethos revolves around three words: power, beauty and soul. All of the vehicles at Aston Martin are produced with passion and offer a glimpse into exceptional vehicle design and expert craftsmanship. The company has expanded rapidly in recent years from a relatively small manufacturer to an emerging power in the global market. As a company proud of its past and committed to developing its future with the addition of environmentally conscientious practices, Aston Martin is set to further establish itself as a premiere provider of luxury motor vehicles.

Junair Spraybooths

Junair Spraybooths has firmly established itself worldwide as the leading innovator in spray booth technology. Junair was established when its founders recognised the need to manufacture premium spray booth technology. Early spray booths weren’t energy efficient and could be dangerous, resulting in lackluster finishes. Junair has developed spray booth systems that are energy efficient and environmentally safe, while providing a premium finish guaranteed to last.

Junair has gained a strong reputation for supplying spray booths that provide superior service. Like Aston Martin, Junair is dedicated to innovation and development. Constantly improving products and maximizing their efficiency has led to Junair attracting acclaim in the vehicle manufacturing industry.

Aston Martin Works: A centre for innovation and quality service

The facility Aston Martin Works is the official service and restoration division for Aston Martin. Specialising in classic models, the facility caters to both modern and vintage tastes. The centre hosts a range of luxury models and specialises in restoring and servicing across the Aston Martin range.

The history of Aston Martin is rich and their timeless designs are highly popular amongst motoring enthusiasts. Restoring vintage luxury cars is an art form. It is important to restore the car to premium condition without compromising its unique heritage and soul. Aston Martin is committed to premium restoration and servicing. They use only the finest equipment available to work on these exceptional pieces of machinery. When it came to finding spray booths and preparation areas for this facility, Junair proved to be the natural choice for a brand that demands excellence.

With a common goal of continued development and premium output, Junair Spraybooths and Aston Martin are the perfect fit. As a company situated at the pinnacle of the motor industry in terms of quality and style, Aston Martin offers its clientele comprehensive service and a guarantee of superior quality. Junair feels very privileged to have been chosen by Aston Martin to supply equipment for this flagship facility.

What Junair provided

Two Junair Spray Booths:

Junair spray booths are made with the highest industry standards in mind. Guaranteeing a superior finish to its competitors, the Junair booths come with the latest technology available. With its quality finishes, superior ventilation and economic, power saving attributes the booths fit well with Aston Martin’s high expectations of quality and its commitment to safe environmental practices.

Four Junair preparation areas:

Preparing a vehicle properly for painting or repair is essential. As a centre that provides restorations as well as repairs and services, Aston Martin has chosen to utilise Junair’s unique preparation areas. Junair’s preparation areas are fitted with the latest technology and attachments making them ideal for use with Aston Martins.

Here’s to the future

Aston Martin’s choice to utilise Junair technology was deliberate and considered. As a company that prides itself on luxury and its commitment to power, beauty and soul, Aston Martin requires the best spray booth technology available and Junair offers this and more.

As two companies that share similar ethics and a combined dedication to yielding the best results in the manufacturing industry, Junair and Aston Martin have a bright future. Junair is incredibly proud to be contributing to the ongoing success of the worlds leading luxury car brand and looks forward to see the results of the new Aston Martin Works.

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