An automotive spray booth is probably the most important piece of equipment to be installed in your body shop, it will therefore need to be used and maintained correctly.

Because the modern day spray booth is much more complex than those of previous times, it is imperative that technicians are trained in the safety, use and maintenance of the spray booth.  Junair provides training for technicians in the use of the spray booth and for those staff tasked with the regular maintenance and service of the spray booth.

We also offer service and maintenance services for those customers who want to outsource these tasks.

A significant cost when purchasing a spray booth is the installation and commissioning of the equipment. If the installation is not done correctly the outcome can be unsatisfactory, resulting in poor performance and reduced production.  Junair fully understands the importance of its products being installed properly and efficiently at a cost effective price.

This is why Junair offers its customers turn-key installation services. Customers can be assured the job will be done within budget and on time.  Our team of qualified and experienced engineers and technicians will ensure that each and every installation is done with the utmost attention to detail.

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