Spray booths are a valuable asset; regardless of the size of your operation, a frequent  occurrence is  backup of vehicles due to the bottleneck nature of the conventional spray booth. This is a result of all vehicles to be primed or receive a top coat are required to go through the spray booth and the resultant backup reduces productivity and profit.

Junair’s SmartAir is designed to maximize your spray booth’s efficiency and productivity by providing a mobile painting system that is ideal for SMART maintenances and priming small areas within the workspace, without using a conventional spray booth. The result of the innovative Smartair design is it enables repairs to be primed swiftly without the difficulty of repositioning the vehicle or full masking.

SmartAir is comprised of a unique hood and masking design, which enables the masking to be swiftly and easily folded over the hood, creating an enclosure. When the extraction system is initiated, air is funnelled into the open aperture of SmartAir, generating a flow of air into the SmartAir hood. This allows for all paint overspray and fumes to be effectively captured and dispersed, protecting the working environment.

Unique Characteristics:

  • Ultimate tool for priming in the workstation
  • Uses space effectively and requires minimal installation
  • Creates added capacity allowing you to focus on higher priority jobs
  • Significantly reduces time spent on repositioning and full masking vehicles
  • Complies with environmental regulations and HSE legislation
  • Manufactured to function effectively with endorsed coatings


Safe and fully compliant

As with the traditional spray booth, SmartAir has a two-stage filtration system and exceeds all requirements of the emissions regulations set by the Environmental Protection Act, with particulate emission levels under the required 10mg/m2. SmartAir is also compliant with all the relevant Health & Safety mandates, with an independent study revealing it provides a Workplace Exposure Limit (WEL) 74% under the maximum permitted by HSE.

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