Tyre Changer and Bead Breaker

The tyre changer and bead breaker provides a low cost solution for customers needing a product capable of making wheel repairs where tyres must be removed from the rim or detached from the wheel entirely.

Key Features included on the Tyre changer & Bead Breaker

  • Double assist arm and roller
  • Bead jet blaster jaw inflation
  • Two position bead breaker
  • Plastic inserts in foot help to protect alloy rims


Automatic Tyre Changer

The automatic tyre changer provides a heavy duty machine that is designed specifically for constant rigorous use. The completely automated tyre changer gives the user the ability to lock the demount head in position and to tilt the demount arm back through the use of a foot pedal, which allows for swift and continuous use. Another capability the automatic tyre changer provides is the assist arm which permits users to easily change wheels with low profile or run flat tyres without causing damage to the wheel and without undue effort from the operator.

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