Junair’s WheelWasher is easy to install and operate. The WheelWasher is a computer controlled system that pressure blasts a mixture of water and plastic granules onto the rotating wheel, without having to remove the tyres from the wheel.

The system is completely self-contained and is able to be installed anywhere within your body shop. The WheelWasher does not require water supply, drainage systems and the use of detergent or hot water.  With the Junair designed process simply involving the tyres and rims being efficiently cleaned with compressed air and electricity.

The WheelWasher is an energy saving, user friendly system.

The benefits of this system:

  • It is pre-programmed with diverse wash cycles
  • It works with a closed water system
  • Dynamic flush pipe
  • 4 wash programs available
  • Self-adjusting wheel support
  • Extra blow dry of the wheel
  • Is programmed for different sized wheels
  • Anti-vibration rubber feet

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