Aerospace Spray Booths

Junair‘s technically advanced Aerospace spray booths are specially constructed for the aerospace industry ranging from standard cost effective spray booths through to highly developed and highly customised spray booths. Our spray booths are tailored to customer requirements and are sized to suit the particular applications required. This may range from booths designed for batch fabrication of small custom parts through to fully automated conveyor lines for large volume productions, or the most advanced structures such as a complete aircraft.

Air replacement systems, with fully modulating heating built to include humidification, chilling, de-humidification and filtration to meet necessary air quality for the process, are all features that can be provided with Junair’s Aerospace spray booths. A fully extracted and balanced floor is also incorporated as standard; in combination with the full width, full length plenum, the downdraught airflow generated through the cabin is unparalleled. When choosing a Junair Spray Booth you can guarantee you are receiving a highly specificied production unit, with every individual feature on our spray booths being expertly engineered to make us a leader in the industry. This attention to detail combined with our unmatched energy efficiency and production enhancing equipment enables our Junair Aerospace spray booths to deliver exceptional quality paint finishing at the lowest possible cost per unit. Less energy used = lower operating cost.

Dry Filter Spray Booths

The standard Junair spray booth features a duplex exhaust particulate filtration, with additional higher grade filtration available at your request. The cabin‘s airflow can be configured with downdraft or side draft, with an optional 140mm low profile LEVAC floor available in Junair spray booths which permits downdraught airflow without the need for extensive floor excavation.

Water Wash Spray Booths

For larger volume production processes, Junair manufactures a water wash spray booth which integrates efficient water scrubbing systems, custom manufactured from quality stainless steel. The purpose designed water wash spray booths are fitted with a sludge removal system which uses a non-stop, in process, elimination of excess overspray to prevent paint materials from being recirculated in the water. This significantly decreases paint solids in the water wash spray booths‘ system and reduces constant maintenance requirements, whilst at the same time ensuring optimum exhaust purification.

LED Lighting

High levels of illumination and excellent colour rendition are just some of the unique features Junair customers have come to expect with standard Junair lighting features. As an industry leader for many years, Junair continues to excel in lighting improvements, focusing on spray booths. Now the latest innovation to take the industry by storm is LED lighting. Developed over the past few years the LED light unit produced and installed in Junair Spraybooths creates a bright, crisp light that replicates natural sunlight. Other benefits of the LED lighting systems stem from their efficiency for illumination and lighting, with an approximate 80-90% increase in efficency compared to conventional light bulbs and other traditional lighting methods.


The control systems offered with Junair spray booths include the cost effective standard control panel or the iSystem2, which is a fully integrated touch screen system. The iSystem2 allows full process control, using variable speed drives, to automatically balance spray booth pressures and allows data logging for the spray booth environmental conditions to meet NADCAP regulations.

The benefits of the control system are significant.  The iSystem2 control system allows you to pre-program bake cycles to ensure that the paint job is cured perfectly. Operators are able to select options on the touch screen guaranteeing time saving and energy efficient results.  Air pressure balance can be set automatically for the spray booth cabin without the need for operator input, ensuring optimum airflow levels are maintained.

The iSystem2 has a remote diagnostic upgrade option.  Through the PLC and touch screen, an inbuilt web server function is used to access  the remote diagnostic system.   This allows a Junair engineer to check the control system on line and to diagnose a problem efficiently.  An engineer is not required to be on site to alter the settings.

The control software can also be upgraded remotely.

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