Commercial Vehicle Spray Booths

All Junair’s Commercial Vehicle (CV) spray booths come with an extensive range of cutting-edge features to guarantee a consistently brilliant colour finish and rendition, which substantially reduces cycle times and huge savings in energy output and maintenance costs.

Energy Proficient CV Spray Booth

The bright, white polyester paint finish applied to the sturdy galvanised steel substrate provides unparalleled corrosion resistance and a brighter working environment for operators. Ultalux, a lighting system purpose built for Junair, consistently achieves lighting levels of as much as 1500 lux, even when measured towards the floor of the booth.

Large area ceiling input filters provide substantial downdraught air flow, allowing excess over-spray to be dispersed effectively, reducing mist clearance times. All Junair spray booths have extremely effective extraction, with the option to choose from pit or extraction chests at the sides or rear of the cabin to meet any constraints.

Furthermore, the air handling plant can be situated on the ground or mounted on the roof to maximize the floor working space. Options for CV spray booth burners include energy efficient, direct gas firing mains, LPG and indirect oil. If you have design specifications in mind, Junair will work with you to design and install the commercial vehicle spray booth that is personalised to your operation requirements, both in terms of performance capabilities and size restraints.

Customized Features Improve Your CV Spray Booth’s Efficiency

  • Drive through spray booths
  • Split cabin with independent operation
  • Pit, end or side chest extraction
  • CV access platforms
  • QADsTM auxiliary drying for faster flash off and bake times (excellent for multi-colour finishes)
  • Energy saving controls
  • Power operated roller shutter doors or folding leaf doors

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