Paint Mixing Room

Paint mixing rooms and spray gun cleaning rooms come in a range of different sizes and specifications. The majority are double skin wall construction, which is then finished in white to match the Junair Spraybooths. While the standard internal finish for paint mixing and gun cleaning rooms is white, customers can specify half height or full height brushed stainless steel finish. Economy options are also available, constructed using single skin steel wall panels, with non-standard sizes able to be manufactured to suit specific areas or needs.

Safety is a priority, that’s why effective cross flow ventilation is provided from floor and bench level; connections for spray gun cleaners can be incorporated into the ventilation system. The air input is filtered. This is to keep the paint mixing room free from unwanted contamination and a “slam shut” fire damper is fitted as standard to meet health and safety requirements.

Ventilated Mixing Benches

Capturing fumes at their source is the most effective way to ventilate any paint mixing room. The Junair stainless steel mixing bench is connected to the paint mixing room ventilation system which provides the operator mixing the paint with the best fume control system.

Standard Bench dimensions

1250m long x 560mm deep x 900mm high.

Mixing Bench

Junair stainless steel mixing benches are manufactured to order. Dimensions can be tailored to suit the space available.

The options include: rear splash back, high level low level cupboards.

Test Card Spray Out

The test card spray out unit is manufactured from stainless steel and is designed for use within a paint mixing room. It has a dedicated extraction fan and comes standard with ductwork for independent operation.

Small test card panels can be spray painted within the fume capture hood and the ventilation system ensures compliance with all health and safety legislation.

The filter frame is installed in a frame assembly, which has been designed for quick and easy filter changes; it also complies with environmental legislation.

Paint Mixing Room Heater

The ATEX approved “EX” rated 3 Kilowatt electric heater with thermostat control is used to protect paint products from damage during cold conditions. The heater temperature control is normally set at 10°C.

Paint Mixing Room Gridded Floor

Galvanised grids set in steel trays are used to provide an anti-slip floor which will contain any liquid spillages, and help maintain a clean environment. Solid inverted trays are used underneath equipment such as gun cleaners, allowing grids to be lifted for easier maintenance.

Stainless Steel Lining

For ease of cleaning, all the internal walls of Junair paint mixing and gun cleaning rooms can be lined with stainless steel. The personnel door can also be manufactured with an internal stainless steel skin.

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