Paint Booth Control Panel

Each Junair spray booth model has the option of a conventional push button / switch control panel or a PLC and colour touch screen technology which we call i System2 .

Both of these control systems are very simple to operate and have proven to be extremely reliable in use.

There are significant benefits for the owner and operator of the i System2 . With pre-programmed bake cycles, it ensures paint jobs are not under or over cured in order to deliver a perfect cure.

It also ensures you are saving time and being energy efficient while delivering the best result possible. Operators can select from a list of coatings which are shown on the touch screen, the PLC automatically runs the most efficient cure profile to suit the product.

The i System2  will automatically balance the air pressure in the Junair spray booth cabin with no operator input needed. This ensures that the airflow is always maintained at optimum levels.

The System2 has a Remote Diagnostic Upgrade option. The PLC and touch screen have in-built web server functions that have been used to develop a comprehensive remote diagnostic system. If there is a fault, a Junair engineer will be able to remotely interrogate the control system on-line to diagnose the problem quickly and efficiently. All the settings can be changed without the need of an engineer being on site.

The control software can be upgraded remotely as well.

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