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Smartair allows the paint finishing process to be carried out to warranty standard in workshops and other suitable areas without the need for a conventional spraybooth. Smartair features a unique hood and masking design. The masking is quickly and easily folded over the hood, creating an enclosure.

When the extraction system is switched on, air is funnelled into the open aperture of Smartair, creating a flow of air into the Smartair hood. The Smartair extraction system captures and disperses paint overspray and fumes, protecting the work environment.

With its 2-stage filtration system, Smartair complies with the emissions regulations set out in the Environmental Protection Act and is well below the particulate emission levels of 10mg/m³.

The ETL listed Smartair also satisfies relevant Health & Safety directives and in independent tests, the product provided a Workplace Exposure Limit (WEL) 74% below the permitted maximum.

Smartair IR

Smartair IR is a short wave infra-red curing unit developed by Junair to complement the Smartair at-source extraction system.

Equipped with Smartair and this innovative IR unit, bodyshops and Smart Repair businesses can benefit from the rapid painting and drying of most types of paint.

Smartair IR features a unique pivot housing that allows the unit to swing into the perfect position in the centre of the painted area without the need for distance sensors. The pyrometer controls the temperature rise and the maximum temperature, thus reducing the risk of overheating.

On small two dimensional jobs, compared with traditional convection drying methods, the Smartair IR infra-red curing system is much more energy efficient, reducing heating bills for the curing cycle by up to 90%.


The SmartStation is a compact solution for paint storage, paint mixing and gun cleaning.

  • Has a stainless steel mixing bench
  • Has an area for water and solvent cleaning
  • Waste drum has a "Full" indicator
  • Lockable storage compartment is standard
  • It is fully ventilated to contain fumes
  • Made of steel construction with a white durable paint finish

Slimline Infra-Red Curing Unit

The 3 kilowatt single phase Slimeline Infra-Red Curing Unit has been designed to be in use within the SmartCabin for curing primer and top coats. With its slim line design, the unit is easy to manoeuvre and position.

With an electronic control system it has automatic distance sensors, panel temperature control, ramp-up time and cure time.

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