Retro-Fit Equipment

Junair has developed a wide range of products that can be retro fitted to any existing spray booth oven equipment to improve its performance, reliability and energy efficiency. Upgrades include:

QADsTM  Auxiliary Airflow System

Junair’s patented energy efficient QADsTM system is an advanced and innovative automatic auxiliary air movement system that generates airflow from the corners of the cabin. The air is filtrated to 10 microns, and will reduce the painting process time by up to 35%.

Direct fired gas burner conversions

The opportunity now exists to have your existing spray booth burner converted to a modern  direct fired gas burner, saving you money, by reducing energy consumption and the costs associated with it.

Variable speed drives for motors

Junair’s unique variable speed drive system varies the airflow volume to suit the process, thus reducing operating costs. The fully automated system does not require an operator, so significant energy savings are assured, with the reduced airflow throughout the spray booth cabin resulting in lower fuel consumption and reduced electricity costs. When the variable speed drive system is  combined with the QADsTM, a saving of 65% of Spray booth energy costs can be achieved

  • When loading, unloading, cleaning or idle, low airflow is required so reduced by 75%
  • Flash off of base-coat requires medium airflow, so a reduction of 50%
  • Spray application requires high airflow, so 100% air volume used during spray cycle
  • Bake cycle requires medium airflow, so airflow reduced by 40%



Junair is the first in the body shop industry to design and manufacture a lighting system specifically tailored to meet the performance objectives needed within a spray booth. The innovative design can be implemented to existing facilities, combining outstanding performance and excellent aesthetics. The flexibility to meet individual customers’ needs and unrivalled energy efficiency gives Junair a distinctive edge in the industry. They are designed to be modern and attractive, with a continuous reflector design, to perfectly complement the clean, professional image desired by progressive body shops on new or refurbishment projects. In addition to the standard lighting system, Junair Spraybooths has developed a range of LED lighting that can also be retrofitted to new and existing facilities.

LED Lighting offers:

  • FREE design and quotation
  • 60% saving in operating costs
  • Increase in LUX levels
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Crisp and clear illumination
  • Flicker free lighting
  • 10-20 Year life span
  • Sustained uniformity of light and colour

Replacement air handling plant

Junair is conscious of the substantial increase in energy costs affecting body shops, forcing everyone to look more closely into operating costs. Spray booth energy costs can vary per job, all dependent on the type of air handling plant installed. Junair has developed an innovative way to reduce energy consumption and costs through their energy efficient air handling plant which is guaranteed to deliver the lowest possible energy cost per job

Control system upgrade

Junair’s control system, the i System 2  automatically balances the air pressure within the cabin with no need for input by the operator, guaranteeing that airflow is maintained at the optimal level.

By upgrading to the i System 2 you recieve significant benefits, including the ability to have pre-programmed bake cycles which ensures no job is ever under or over cured. This saves you time and energy and enables you to deliver consistently outstanding results. By simply selecting from a list of coatings displayed on the touch screen, the remote diagnostic system automatically runs the most efficient cure profile to suit each individual project. In the event of the system malfunctioning, Junair engineers are able to analyse the control system online to diagnose the problem and quickly and effectively provide a solution. This ability means settings can be modified and fixed without an engineer needing to physically visit the site.

Retro-fit Equipment

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