SmartAir IR Infrared

SmartAir IR infrared is a short wave infra-red curing unit developed by Junair to complement the SmartAir at source extraction system, by attaching to the SmartAir hood stand to promote faster curing of painted parts. The SmartAir IR unit features a distinctive swivel housing which allows the IR to swing into the desired position, directly centred on the painted area minus the need for distance sensors. The pyrometer mechanism controls the temperature rise and ceiling thus reducing the risk associated with overheating.

Equipping the SmartAir with the IR extension unit gives any Body shop or Smart Repair Business the advantage of quickly painting and drying most paint varieties, with NO spray booth required.


The advantage associated with using the Infrared curing system is it’s much faster than convection heating. It focuses energy directly where it is required, with the short wave system capable of producing high temperature that dramatically decreases the curing/drying timeframe by as much as half that of medium wave.

Better Quality

The short wave infra-red energy generates higher temperatures and disperses deeper into the target object, giving improved quality curing. The SmartAir IR Infrared unit is also fitted with a non-contact temperature controller, which prevents the paint from overheating

Energy Efficient

When Infrared is appropriate it is known for being considerably more energy efficient than convection, shrinking heating bills by up to 90%

Key Features of the SmartAir IR:

  • Simple to use timer display
  • Flexible head permitting curing of contoured surfaces
  • Full and half power regulators to avoid solvent pop
  • Ruby sleeve reducing glare and providing defense against thermal shock
  • Clear audio warning when curing procedure is completed
  • Distinct warning and shut off system when Infrared unit is within confined proximity to repair era
  • Optional thermal sensor to control temperature precisely
  • Optional distance indicator to support worker setup

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