The EVAC and LEVAC floor designs are unique to Junair and have been developed to suit the specific needs of the painting process.

The EVAC and LEVAC floors help to create an environment where process efficiency is paramount and where health and safety for the spray booth operator are at optimum levels.  Coupled with the full length, full width ceiling filters found on Junair spray booths, the EVAC and LEVAC floors maximize the size of the spray zone (or clean zone).

The Junair EVAC floor is designed so that the floor grating is flush with the building’s floor level. It is important to note that a recess in the building slab of 500mm is required for construction.

The Junair LEVAC floor was designed to surface mount, which means it requires no builders-work excavation. The height from the building floor to the spray booth floor is only 140 mm and only a 1 metre, unobtrusive ramp is required to access the spray booth cabin.

This in turn makes it easier to load and unload vehicles. It removes the excavation element which significantly reduces your installation costs and also removes the shop floor disruption associated with excavation at a work site and allows for quicker installation.

Features and benefits of EVAC and LEVAC include:

  • A fully extracted and balanced floor which provides better air movement when painting off car panels and a vehicle together. This prevents cross contamination from over spray and speeds up the curing process.
  • Mist clearance times are greatly reduced, which creates a safer environment for the painter.
  • Remember, no excavation is required for the Junair LEVAC floor, which saves money and work disruption for your business.

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