Junair specialise in HPC compressor packages. HPC supply and maintain modular screw compressor solutions, industry renowned for their reliability and resilience. These systems are designed to operate continuously with minimal sound and maintenance costs on these systems are very low. The features of these compressors include:

  • Excellent service and spares back up
  • Integral dryers reduce floor space required
  • Variable speed drive technology can reduce running costs by 35%
  • Quiet when operating


All compressed air receivers supplied by Junair are designed to ensure exceptional durability, are designed and manufactured to very high standards and have the ability to greatly reduce running costs.

Because of the demands placed on availability, quality and efficiency by both industrial and workshop situations modern compressed air supply systems are quite often complex and reliant on the quality of their components to ensure optimum performance.  This is why it is so important to invest in an air receiver with the capability of meeting these requirements.

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