CV Access Platform

The new range of Alfa-Lift pneumatic platforms

Designed specifically to be used in commercial spray booths, the Alfa-Lift platforms provide a safe, fast and simple method of applying masking, painting and inspecting commercial vehicles, machinery and equipment.

Pneumatic Access Platforms

Pneumatic access platforms increase the productivity of commercial spray booths. They also reduce process times and make the paint finishing process safer for the operator when working at height. The easy-to-use control mechanism for the pneumatic access platforms is comprised of three levers which allow the operator to send the platform in all three directions. The controls are located in the platform cage which is designed to hold one person plus any needed equipment. Fixed railings also allow the platform to move laterally.

The range of pneumatic platforms consists of 8 standard models for more specialised features, platforms can be designed and manufactured to achieve your individual requirements.

Hydraulic Access Platforms

Hydraulic platforms offer the perfect solution to anyone wishing to paint large vehicles and components. Offering the ability to move in three directions similar to the pneumatic platforms, the hydraulic access platforms can extend further and taller without compromising the platforms safety or stability.

Designed with a maximum carrying capacity of 2 spray technicians and their required equipment, the hydraulic platforms deliver the additional capabilities which boost productivity needed for larger spray booth operations. With an easy-to-use control system and foot pedals, the operator can direct the platform in any direction they require with ease, while several mechanisms are in place to enhance the safety including the additional ability to come to a complete stop without causing any sudden instability.

Safety & Compliance

Standard safety measures have been taken across the entire range of Alfa-lift platforms, with built-in technology features included. These are in place to prevent accidental opening of access doors whilst in operation, collisions with obstacles on the ground, the leaking and pinching of hoses and exceeding weight limits.

Additional Backup safety measures are also seamlessly integrated into the hydraulic platforms, such as the two chains fitted as standard safety protocol to ensure if one should fail, the other chain will allow work to continue safely. Safety measures are also available to operators with safety harnesses secured to two anchoring points on the platform.

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