There are a number of financial benefits from Junair’s attention to detail in design technology.

This embraces a range of products:-

  • Low Booth running costs due to Technical details – lightweight fans, modulating burners and burner fans as standard
  • QADsTM deliver faster through-curing AND approximately 35% energy saving
  • QADsTM ECO active combines QADsTM with Variable Speed Drives – together these deliver faster cycle times as well as 65 – 70% energy savings
  • Fuel Saver [FS] mode switches Booths to “hibernation” if compressed air has not been demanded for 90 seconds – in this mode the Booth energy consumption is reduced by 80%
  • “Intelligent” lighting – designed to any lux level from 300 to 1200 lux and, by using motion & lux sensors, energy savings of some 65% are delivered [attested by the Lighting Institute].
  • Junair QADsTM is specifically designed to speed up the painting and curing process for 2007 compliant coatings.
  • QADsTM is the fastest, cleanest and most comprehensive auxiliary drying system on the market today and has International Patent protection.

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