Junair QADs

Faster flash off and shorter bake times

Save time, energy and money on paint drying and curing. Process even more vehicles and generate even more revenue for your business.

Auxiliary air is supplied from the corners of the spray booth oven.

QADs are an advanced auxiliary air movement system which supplies a high velocity turbulent flow of air from the spray booth cabin's corners. Created by and patented by Junair, the system is designed for use with paint coatings that comply with all current relevant legislation.

The system can also be used for retro fit installation in any make of spray booth ovens.

QADs SN (Static Neutralisation).

The SN System is an option with the QADs advanced auxiliary air movement system. Its purpose is to reduce the electrostacstatic charge generated during the finishing process.

The SN (static neutralisation) system operates during the cleaning cycle, the flash off cycle and during the curing cycle. By reducing the static charge on the vehicle or part being painted, it improves the cleanliness and also the colour rendition of metallic colours.

The Environment
The Application of Paint
The Bake Cycle
The Select Control System
Horizontal Panel With High Airflow
Horizontal Panel With QADS
Vertical Panel With High Airflow
Vertical Panel With QADS
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