Spray Booth Optional Equipment

All of the items below are also available as options on every Junair Spray booth.

Mist Clearance Indicator

This is an automatic system which indicates when it's not safe to enter the Junair spray booth because of potentially harmful over spray in the cabin.

Positioned adjacent to each personnel door are large red LED lights to clearly let you know whether the condition inside the cabin is safe or not safe.

Fire Alarm Strobe

This comprises a red fire alarm strobe light integrated with the light frame in the cabin of the spray booth. It has connections for specialist fire alarm contractors to connect to.

Emergency Lighting

Battery backup lights, which are maintenance free, are installed adjacent to each of the personnel doors inside the spray booth cabin.

The lights operate for 30 minutes when the power has been lost from the lighting system during normal operation.

Mode Indicator Lights

This is a very useful management tool for Junair spray booths. It provides operators and managers with important information about the operation of the spray booth at a glance. The mode indicator lights are clearly seen at a distance.

The Different coloured mode indicator lights indicate the following;

Idle, Spray, Flash Off, Bake, Job Complete

This assists with forward planning of vehicle movement, which will reduce spray booth non-productive time and improve work flow.

Side Loading System

A number of body shop designs work best with a side loading system, where the vehicle is placed onto skates and rails for easier sideways movement. Junair manufacture lightweight aluminium skates and use ball bearing wheels for easier movement of vehicles. Rail systems can be flush or surface mounted.

To meet all fire safety regulations the side loading roller shutter doors are manufactured from steel. The doors are double skin insulated and are finished with a white paint internally and externally.

The doors are of the highest quality with seals at the top, bottom and sides. All doors are electronically operated.

Sliding Corner Door Access

If the vehicle access to your Junair spray booth is tight, having a sliding corner door can make your body shop more efficient while creating more valuable usable working space.

Either single or twin sliding doors can open the front and side of the spray booth to create easier loading and unloading of vehicles.

External Spray Booth Ovens

Junair ANZ manufacture and install spray booths suitable for external applications. The roof options available include pitched roof with steel profile sheeting and a high level side cladding.

Another option is to have a flat roof with a one piece rubberised coating. Each of these types of construction has a ten year warranty as standard.

The walls and roofs of external spray booths can be finished in a range of colours to suit your existing body shop structures.

Recessed Cabinet for Filter Regulator

A white steel cabinet with hinged door to house the filter regulator is recessed into the spray booth wall. The filter regulator is enclosed in the cabinet to keep it clean from overspray contamination.

Viewing Windows

Viewing windows are an option for Junair spray booths, paint mixing rooms and partition walls. Windows help improve the overall working environment and give an enhanced appearance to the installed equipment.

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