Variable Airflow Technology

Owing to large increases in energy costs, body shops have been forced to look closely at whole life operating costs. Spray booth energy costs vary from extremely expensive to as little as a few dollars per job. It all depends on the booth technology, the fuel used, the burner used and the type of air handling plant installed.

Junair has developed an energy efficient air handling plant that delivers the lowest energy consumption/cost per job. While the use of variable speed drives on paint spray booth motors is not a new concept; Junair has been using them for the last decade. Junair has developed a completely unique system which varies the airflow volume to suit each process in a booth cycle.

The system which is fully automatic requires no operator selection so the energy savings are always guaranteed.

By reducing the airflow throughout the cabin, we are able to lower fuel consumption related energy costs. 100% airflow is not needed when the booth is standing idle or when vehicles are being loaded and unloaded into the cabin. That would be like sitting in your car at traffic lights with your foot hard on the accelerator.

  • Load, unload, cleaning, idle
    • Low airflow, reduced by 75%
  • Flash off base coat
    • Medium airflow, reduced by 50%
  • Spray application
    • High airflow, 100% air volume used on spray cycle
  • Bake cycle
    • Medium airflow, reduced by 40%

When combined with QADs, Variable Airflow Technology can save 65% of spray booth energy costs

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